Some people need to stay away from each other. There needs to be total communication shutdown between those people in order to acquire that mental state required for those people to clash into each other again – physically, or otherwise. I can’t say I know too much about people, I haven’t really had time to study them while they passed through my bed. But I sure as hell know that every morning was damn interesting. That’s when most people are weak, that’s when you get to ask all the stupid questions without getting a lie for breakfast.

I was trying the other day to count the girls/women I’ve spent some time with, even if it was a year-long relationship or a 15 minute make out while we were half asleep. Even though I shared a bed with girls & women alike, each bed sharing experience was worth it. I was learning all the way, mostly about myself. Some people like pain, some like incertitude, some hesitate before kissing, some smile after kissing, some talk while having sex, some leave in the middle of the night like they have a job to go to, some stay until morning for body leftovers, some thrilled me and some didn’t.

I’ve been in each of those people’s shoes and they’ve all been in my mornings. They all lie, cheat and steal, just like in some sick soap opera called „Survival of the fittest” but they never lose their morning weakness.


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